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Busy day today, been out photographing some street art being made and challenging gender stereotypes at the same time.

Busy day.


IMG_7430Yesterday morning I had a wonder around the more urban areas of my local town looking at some street art.

So in the afternoon I went back into town again, this time to visit a small area of ancient woodland which has been there since neolithic times and still remains right in the middle of the town.

Brumby Woods, Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, contains many ancient trees and is home to a wide variety of animals and birds including woodpeckers and foxes.

Archaeologists have also found signs that the area was used by bronze age settlers and the Romans.

Here’s some photos taken yesterday afternoon after the rain. (more…)

Bike ride around the best areas for street art in Scunthorpe. Todays photographs showing new pieces not previously photographed at locations 1, 3 and 5


1 – alley way between cottagebeck rd and rowland rd (see photo gallery below)

2 – underpass on brigg road

3 – side of sports direct (see photo gallery below)

4 – rear of Cash converters and El-Toro

5 – Mary street alleyway (see photo gallery below)

6 – various paste-ups stencils and wall murals

New pics in gallery below:


Just seen on the About Berlin blog the shocking news that part of the East Side Gallery is going to be demolished to allow contractors to continue to extend the development going on along the banks of the spree.

Here is a petition objecting to it. Please sign it and show solidarity with our street art loving comrades in Berlin.

Here is a photograph I took last year explaining in detail just what I think to the developments along the side of the Spree, and what approach developers should take in safeguarding this culturally significant area on one of the most exciting and friendly cities I have ever had the pleasure of visiting:


Any one who goes out shooting photos on a regular basis will have come across the photo-Stasi at some point.

Usually taking up the form of an ill informed security guard or similar.

Messing about today coming up with a few ideas for t-shirt slogans, and thinking about a couple of jobs I’ve got in the pipe line, I decided to make a t-shirt vinyl “just in case”.

Hope you like it.


I received an interesting email on Thursday, here it is in full.

Gurnell Street Decorations

 On the 7th of January 2013 Gurnell street will be closed to the public as the bulldozers move in.

It is expected that shortly after, the houses on Gurnell street are set to become heaps of brick, dust, roof tiles and broken fixtures and fittings.

In a modern, throw away society it is considered normal for people to break things down into their different parts and lose sight of the value of the whole.

These houses were not always just houses, they were homes.

For nearly 100 years people have been born in them, died in them, loved in them, laughed in them and cried in them.

On Sunday 6th January members of the community who have lived and grown up with these homes intend to dress them ready to face the bulldozers.

In doing so they hope to hear again the sounds of children laughing and playing echo around the street, we will honour the women and men who through their labour and love turned bricks and mortar into homes.

We will give thanks to those who turned homes into communities and we will remember those who are no longer with us.

We will work together to give these homes a proper send off and hope, in our small part, to be part of rebuilding the kind of community that we would all like for our children.


Here’s some photos I took…


Grabbed the chance to get a few shots of some new and modified street art around the town which has gone up in the last couple of days, before people return to work and the inevitable clean up starts.

Spotted a couple of new stencils by Nafe who’s work was first spotted in the summer on the side of Sports Direct.



Left, original stencil by Nafe, painted this summer which was subsequently removed.

The space is now occupied by the work on the right attributed to Moon Rat

Nafe’s latest stencils can be be seen on the side of the penny bank and also in the alley way behind Berkley Street with the junction of Teal Street, both of which are included in today’s gallery, and are similar to the snake stensils painted in the alley way behind Top Shop.

Some new stencil work also appeared in the last day or two next to the Moon rat’s Banksy at the back of Dunstall Street, guarding the No Parking sign. (more…)