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Bike ride around the best areas for street art in Scunthorpe. Todays photographs showing new pieces not previously photographed at locations 1, 3 and 5


1 – alley way between cottagebeck rd and rowland rd (see photo gallery below)

2 – underpass on brigg road

3 – side of sports direct (see photo gallery below)

4 – rear of Cash converters and El-Toro

5 – Mary street alleyway (see photo gallery below)

6 – various paste-ups stencils and wall murals

New pics in gallery below:



Just after Christmas I went round to see a mate, who gave me an old camera bag full of old equipment he was going to throw out. In it was a rather wonderful canon EOS 10 film camera.

I asked him what he wanted for it and he said nothing, just clearing out some room, and besides, I know you’ll want to play with it.

So for a couple of months now it’s sat in its bag under my desk “lurking” at me, grinning with a sarcastic malevolence at all the digital shit kicking around the room, staring down my 1,000D with its fancy lenses, it’s RAW images and its subsequent addiction to light room. Its been mocking me “come on then smart arse, reckon you can shoot with me?” Has been the taunt for a few days now, gradually getting louder.

So I switched it on, scratched my head, and decided a new battery was probably in order. £10 later (half the value of the sodding camera on eBay) stuck a HP5+ 400ISO black and white film in it, found a lens that would fit it and set all the dials to manual.

Results next week. I’ll even post the shit ones 😉


IMG_3126 IMG_3135 IMG_3144 IMG_3153 IMG_3158

Did a location based portrait shoot for a web site today, and grabbed a couple of interesting scenery shots while doing the them.

Here’s the snow scenes!

Snow dog time

Posted: January 15, 2013 in bad weather, dog, dogs, scunthorpe, shit photography, snow

Shock! Horror! Its’ January and its snowed! Why does this consistently surprise people?


The coming of snow also means its that time of year again when every budding photographer gets their camera out and floods every facebook page and twitter feed I read with the obligatory “Snow Pic”.

I’m just as bad at this anti social photo bombing as any one else.

Considering this, I was going to save my friends, family, followers and time line from another onslaught of self obsessed photographic crap and leave my camera at home. So I fought the urge, and went down the Central Park with the dog, but sans-camera.

However when  I got to the park I regretted not having the camera with me, especially as the dog was being even cuter than normal.

So here’s some photos from my camera phone. I’ve fixed the white balance and cropped them a bit in Light room. To be honest why bother with an expensive SLR!