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Just after Christmas I went round to see a mate, who gave me an old camera bag full of old equipment he was going to throw out. In it was a rather wonderful canon EOS 10 film camera.

I asked him what he wanted for it and he said nothing, just clearing out some room, and besides, I know you’ll want to play with it.

So for a couple of months now it’s sat in its bag under my desk “lurking” at me, grinning with a sarcastic malevolence at all the digital shit kicking around the room, staring down my 1,000D with its fancy lenses, it’s RAW images and its subsequent addiction to light room. Its been mocking me “come on then smart arse, reckon you can shoot with me?” Has been the taunt for a few days now, gradually getting louder.

So I switched it on, scratched my head, and decided a new battery was probably in order. £10 later (half the value of the sodding camera on eBay) stuck a HP5+ 400ISO black and white film in it, found a lens that would fit it and set all the dials to manual.

Results next week. I’ll even post the shit ones 😉



Any one who goes out shooting photos on a regular basis will have come across the photo-Stasi at some point.

Usually taking up the form of an ill informed security guard or similar.

Messing about today coming up with a few ideas for t-shirt slogans, and thinking about a couple of jobs I’ve got in the pipe line, I decided to make a t-shirt vinyl “just in case”.

Hope you like it.