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copy_303Brumby is one of the five villages of Scunthorpe, centrally located it hosts the works sports grounds and social club, central park, municipal offices, leisure centre, Brumby hall and a very large housing area.

The Brumby Bash was an arts and sport festival forming part of the cultural Olympiad and organised by some great friends of mine who own and operate “The Fold Collective” – which is an arts group specifically targeted at bringing arts related activities to youths in an around North Lincolnshire.

Here’s a small selection of photos from the two day event. I’m already looking forward to 2013.



Just a gallery of some of my¬†favourite¬†photos which I’ve taken in Berlin 2012, some of which have been published before, some of which have not.


I spent the majority of “Torch day” with a local video production team called KNOW Media, camped out on the roof of “BBQ Central” (AKA Nic’s hotel “Breeze Inn” which happened to be at a good vantage point on the route), taking photos and watching how the pro’s do it. (more…)

A few pics I took showing the Olympic Torch passing through Scunthorpe.

Photos are taken on Oswald Rd showing the build up to the parrade, and then from the roof of my m8’s hotel.

Anyway, regardless of what your thoughts are on the Olympic’s it was a great community event and motivated 27,000 people to come out and line the streets in Scunthorpe alone. A further 10,000 people lined the route in Scawby Brook, Brigg and Wrawby as the torch passed through North Lincolnshire.