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Teufelsberg 2016

Posted: May 21, 2016 in North Lincolnshire

And what a transformation.

On my first visit, several years ago, I was probably “not meant to be there”

Last year I booked on an “organised tour” – it was ok, but rushed.

Now, the community at Teufelsberg allow site access to the main galleries, grounds and roof, unchaperoned, for 7EUR. Stay as long as you like, don’t open any doors – they’re closed for a reason. And – they are doing a fucking amazing job fixing the place up with rain water capture, solar panels and repairs to the buildings which have been looted for scrap metal.

Unlike Urban Spree, Teufelsberg as gone up in my estimation, showing that spaces like this can be managed in a communal manner without the shitty poison of gentrification.

I didn’t bother with Urban Spree this time, and was a bit let down with the street art alley in Hackescher Marks – very few new pieces in there.

But Teufelsberg – safe, incredibly friendly, lots of English speakers (aber mein Deutsch ist Scheiße , aber ich versuche . Schlecht.) is showing us how communal management of a public space can work – very well. We have a lot to learn from this.



I’ve just realised I’ve started my first “photo diary”.

For several years now I’ve been visiting Berlin, and have been photographing and inspired by its street art.

This is a place holder for Urban Spree. I’ll be updating it from time to time. I’ll be doing other areas that I visit from time to time.

I’ll be going back through photos I’ve taken there through the years and will be posting in reverse chronological order.

These were taken yesterday.

It’s interesting to note, the first time I visited Urban Spree there were no Audi or Mercedes cars parked outside the buildings and you were not charged an entry fee or had your bag searched for spray paint. Urban Spree has moved on. Not necessarily in a good way.

Scunthorpe Independent News

20140412_135737 Let me start right off by saying Mr. Monkey; its a pseudonym, a moniker, you know, a handle. As cool as it would be for any of us to actually have the second name Monkey (where did I put that deed-poll form?) It’s a graffiti tag name and that’s what Mr. Monkey’s work revolves around, it’s street art on paper or canvas, in pencil and ink and paint.

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I’ve got the following photos left over from an exhibition last year.

The following single edition prints taken in and around Scunthorpe measure 8 inches by 12 and are un-watermarked and unframed, selling for £12.50 each.

Delivery cost = £4 per order by post, hand delivered in and around Scunthorpe. To order use the form below, with a valid email address and phone number.

How to order

Each print is a one off and will not be re-printed, they are what are left from a gallery exhibition last year.

Each 12×8 inch print has been professionally printed on Fujifilm paper and has a mat finish.


Posted: February 6, 2014 in North Lincolnshire

I’ve never been much in to photographing people, but here are some portrait shots I did last week as part of a photography project I am working on documenting the transformation of a run down shop in to a new cafe bar specifically to offer training and business development opportunities for 18-24 year olds.

Trying something a bit different for portraits I’ve shot them all with a wide angel lens under very limited light and rendered them in black and white as a tribute to the brutalism of the building they are working it. Quite an amazing concrete and brick structure with re-enforced concrete pillars and bare brick walls exposed to visitors.



Posted: January 21, 2014 in North Lincolnshire



Cracking read by a mate of mine. Check this out, and then sit back and play buzzword bullshit bingo next time you turn on the telly.

A Christmas cookery lesson from my good friend Paul And


Mountain Dew. And other things..