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Last night (12th Aug) saw the height of the Perseid Meteor storm across the UK.

It also coincided with the passing over of the International Space Station (ISS).

All photo’s are taken using a cheap Digital SLR camera with a stock 18-55 lens, this does mean that there’s a bit more noise than I would have liked in the pics but I’m not buggering around in the dark with decent kit so the photos are what they are.

Saying that, they’ve not come out bad, the observations of the ISS were shot at 21:24 using ISO100 F18 and a 30 second exposure time, the later shots were done using f5(ish) and ISO 200. Some of the later shots not featuring the ISS were experimental

If you’d like to learn more about the International Space Station (ISS) and when it is visible where you are (in the UK) check out the Meteor Watch web site.


IMG_8992Some more work from ferric streets.


Spotted in the local park, protesting against the badger cull.


They are giving away three canvases of these in a competition on their facebook page.


go give them a like

Just a couple of pics of some free hand spray on graff work in the town centre. This is located by the Southern emergency exit door of the Base Youth Centre in Church Square.

I love the comment it is making about how in the UK street art is considered “vandalism”, and how the painter has created art through destruction. Nicely put.

Not great photos, as they shot in the dark with a load of flash and no tripod, but I’ll get back in the day light for a better look, and will add extra photos if I notice anything else of interest.

First time I’ve photographed Bombee’s work, and I’m not aware of any others, or at the very least no one else has told me of any others.

IMG_2763 IMG_2765

Last night driving home I saw two rainbow like coloured rings around the moon.

This affect was apparently caused by ice crystals forming in the high atmosphere.

Photos I’ve taken in and around Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire over the last year, this is the first of two local galleries.

Here are two more broader galleries I’ve done

Berlin Photography

Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Photography


In no particular order, just a few more photos I like, mainly local to North Lincolnshire but with a few others thrown in from Whitby in Yorkshire which is another favourite place.

I tend to post lots of photographs of my home town from just one perspective.

Tonight I went photographing with Fansy, specifically to do some night time shooting.

I thought it might be a bit different to shoot where we lived from around the edges, as opposed to from within the town as I normally do.

I’d got a few shots in mind, these are all taken to the south and west of the town.

Here they are.