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Regular followers may remember a post from the beginning of the year unveiling the new public gallery space which opened near by, nicknamed “Cameron Allee” as the first piece featured David Cameron dressed as a thief and I liked the play on words in the deliberate mistranslation of German for “avenue” in to the English for “alley”. Since its unofficial opening there’s a few pieces appear down there including a Banksy copy, and “rant at the job centre” by Moonrat after he got his benefits sanctioned.


The local arts centre has been encouraging local artists to submit their work for an arts and crafts exhibition at the centre which is currently ongoing.

Coincidentally as I passed yesterday I saw that a submission from the Ferric Streets Arts Collective had been cable tied to the railings out side showing some of their street art on a piece of re-cycled cardboard used as a canvas. Now I quite like this idea, granted its not as hardcore or radical as graffing a wall or doing a paste up but its also a bit more democratic, it allows freedom of artistic expression in terms of putting a message on the street without causing damage to property owner’s buildings ad the like, according them a similar degree of democratic freedom. (Unless of course its a pay day loan company)

What was nice to see was that the piece survived the day and was taken down off the railings when the art centre closed. Not sure if this was done by centre staff or if a member of the public decided to take it but either way I guess that’s pretty cool as ferric will often paint up recycled  materials and even canvases and leave them around parks and alley ways for people to do what they want with. Some get taken home, hung on the wall and photos sent in to the ferric facebook group, others get destroyed which again is also pretty cool as it combines not only the expression of the artist, but the reaction of the recipient in to the same piece.


So here’s its first public viewing, for one day only at the 20:21 Arts Centre in Scunthorpe…. “Scrounger Parasite and Offspring”, artist “Ferric Streets“, medium recycled packaging material and pound shop paint.

The piece is claimed to show the juxtaposition between the royal family being supported by the state to have a large family and the victimisation of working class families when they need the safety net of benefits.



More information about the Ferric Sreets art collective is available from their website and facebook groups.


Seems one small area in Scunthorpe is being transformed by street artists in to North Lincolnshire’s very own Kunsthaus Tachles art house.

Here’s some photos of Cameron Alley (Allee surely??) located between dunstall street and laneham street.

Some coverage on the local “Hyperlocal” blog site “Visit Scunthorpe” Independent citizen coverage of the north lincolnshire area

Grabbed the chance to get a few shots of some new and modified street art around the town which has gone up in the last couple of days, before people return to work and the inevitable clean up starts.

Spotted a couple of new stencils by Nafe who’s work was first spotted in the summer on the side of Sports Direct.



Left, original stencil by Nafe, painted this summer which was subsequently removed.

The space is now occupied by the work on the right attributed to Moon Rat

Nafe’s latest stencils can be be seen on the side of the penny bank and also in the alley way behind Berkley Street with the junction of Teal Street, both of which are included in today’s gallery, and are similar to the snake stensils painted in the alley way behind Top Shop.

Some new stencil work also appeared in the last day or two next to the Moon rat’s Banksy at the back of Dunstall Street, guarding the No Parking sign. (more…)

Photos I’ve taken in and around Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire over the last year, this is the first of two local galleries.

Here are two more broader galleries I’ve done

Berlin Photography

Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Photography


My Christmas present arrived today (new flash gun), courtesy of Julie, so it was down the town to meet up with photography guru Pete from award winning Know Media to have a bit of a play at flashing in a few alley ways….

That sounds so wrong but it was all totally legit… Honest…

Just took a couple of shots with the new flash gun of a few stencils, reckon they look pretty cool at night.

Credit once again to Moon Rat for the brilliant art work he’s giving us at the moment.

Couple of pics of stencil’s stickers and some graf work from round the town I’ve not seen before, includes a nice 4 part stencil by Moon Rat which can be found opposite the Banksy copy.

IMG_2384 IMG_2388 IMG_2389 IMG_2392

I’ve decided to start including freehand graff work as well as stickers and stencils.

There shouldn’t be any rules as to what is and is not classed as street art.

I particularly like the detail in the stickers, drop me a link where else they can be found.