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Live street art

Posted: November 23, 2013 in clown stencil, ferric Streets, scunthorpe
Clowning about in Scunthorpe with Ferric Streets Arts Collective.

Clowning about in Scunthorpe with Ferric Streets Arts Collective.

OK, I’ll start by saying this is staged (in part).

We’ve opened a popup gallery with a couple of friends to provide local artists with free exhibition space. It’s located on Robert Street above Celebrate Party Shop in Scunthorpe, every Saturday until Christmas and also hosts live acoustic sets by local performers.

The owner of the shop provided us with some unused space upstairs which hosts the gallery and agreed to having a stencil painted outside so that people know where it is.

A clown design was selected being as the local news paper have been scaring people with “Scary clown spotted in Scunthorpe” stories. (this is bullshit by the way, the clown was spotted in a town 18 miles away but fuck it, its the same county…) The design was based around McDonalds (as Scunthorpe’s is closing) with a bit of a dark twist added (see if you can spot it)

A Ferric Streets Agent begun work and as expected drew a small crowd of confused locals. The work went up in just under 2 minutes, and the agent left.

However, no one had pointed out to the agent concerned that the wall was only half owned by the gallery’s benefactor, and half owned by the shop next door..

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Been asked by the guys at ferric to give some feedback on which one of these two designs should be done on a canvas.

Well, which one?




Here’s Ferric Street’s second commission for the Blue Door refuge on Scunthorpe, painted last Saturday.

IMG_8431 IMG_8437 IMG_8427 IMG_8398 IMG_8426

The pieces are titled

Slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails: an exploration of the assignation of gender specific roles


Sugar and spice and all things nice: an exploration of the assignation of gender specific roles, part 2


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Regular followers may remember a post from the beginning of the year unveiling the new public gallery space which opened near by, nicknamed “Cameron Allee” as the first piece featured David Cameron dressed as a thief and I liked the play on words in the deliberate mistranslation of German for “avenue” in to the English for “alley”. Since its unofficial opening there’s a few pieces appear down there including a Banksy copy, and “rant at the job centre” by Moonrat after he got his benefits sanctioned.


The local arts centre has been encouraging local artists to submit their work for an arts and crafts exhibition at the centre which is currently ongoing.

Coincidentally as I passed yesterday I saw that a submission from the Ferric Streets Arts Collective had been cable tied to the railings out side showing some of their street art on a piece of re-cycled cardboard used as a canvas. Now I quite like this idea, granted its not as hardcore or radical as graffing a wall or doing a paste up but its also a bit more democratic, it allows freedom of artistic expression in terms of putting a message on the street without causing damage to property owner’s buildings ad the like, according them a similar degree of democratic freedom. (Unless of course its a pay day loan company)

What was nice to see was that the piece survived the day and was taken down off the railings when the art centre closed. Not sure if this was done by centre staff or if a member of the public decided to take it but either way I guess that’s pretty cool as ferric will often paint up recycled ┬ámaterials and even canvases and leave them around parks and alley ways for people to do what they want with. Some get taken home, hung on the wall and photos sent in to the ferric facebook group, others get destroyed which again is also pretty cool as it combines not only the expression of the artist, but the reaction of the recipient in to the same piece.


So here’s its first public viewing, for one day only at the 20:21 Arts Centre in Scunthorpe…. “Scrounger Parasite and Offspring”, artist “Ferric Streets“, medium recycled packaging material and pound shop paint.

The piece is claimed to show the juxtaposition between the royal family being supported by the state to have a large family and the victimisation of working class families when they need the safety net of benefits.



More information about the Ferric Sreets art collective is available from their website and facebook groups.

Busy day today, been out photographing some street art being made and challenging gender stereotypes at the same time.

Busy day.

First commission for the Blue door, domestic and sexual violence charity, north Lincolnshire.

Design by agent K, assisted by art student Agent L

There will be another new piece in a few days.







This is something my wife soon came to learn, and then mimic, very early in our relationship.

It used to be the case that I’d buy cards and then forget where I put them.

Now I just refuse the whole buy it, loose it, find it at Easter charade, and, instead mumble something about the commercial exploitation of Christmas (weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and any other opportunity which lends its self to card buying), before saying fuck it and not bothering in the first place.

Anyway, for my daughter’s 21st Birthday I thought I’d do something a bit different, so, working with my long term friend and collaborator known only as “Agent K” (or, at 2 am in the morning with a spray can in one hand and a can of special brew in th’other, “Special Agent K”), we came up with the following 12ft by 6ft greeting card design.


Looking at it a few days later, I reckon the paste I’ve used should last till Christmas when it can be easily modfied with a few christmassy colours and other seasonal nonsense.