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Live street art

Posted: November 23, 2013 in clown stencil, ferric Streets, scunthorpe
Clowning about in Scunthorpe with Ferric Streets Arts Collective.

Clowning about in Scunthorpe with Ferric Streets Arts Collective.

OK, I’ll start by saying this is staged (in part).

We’ve opened a popup gallery with a couple of friends to provide local artists with free exhibition space. It’s located on Robert Street above Celebrate Party Shop in Scunthorpe, every Saturday until Christmas and also hosts live acoustic sets by local performers.

The owner of the shop provided us with some unused space upstairs which hosts the gallery and agreed to having a stencil painted outside so that people know where it is.

A clown design was selected being as the local news paper have been scaring people with “Scary clown spotted in Scunthorpe” stories. (this is bullshit by the way, the clown was spotted in a town 18 miles away but fuck it, its the same county…) The design was based around McDonalds (as Scunthorpe’s is closing) with a bit of a dark twist added (see if you can spot it)

A Ferric Streets Agent begun work and as expected drew a small crowd of confused locals. The work went up in just under 2 minutes, and the agent left.

However, no one had pointed out to the agent concerned that the wall was only half owned by the gallery’s benefactor, and half owned by the shop next door..

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