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Once again we seem to be poised on the precipice as we were with the invasion of Iraq. Led by an ineffectual government hell bent on leaving their smouldering mark on the middle while continuing to kiss the USA’s arse and, ignoring evidence (or the lack of), Cameron has the audacity to preach morality about the use of Chemical Weapons from his position of Etonian privilege.  (more…)


Benefit Fraud

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Class Politics, Class War

There’s a lot of you Daily Mail types hollering about benefit fraud, sickness and disability scams and of course unemployed people living in mansions while the humble right wing Daily Mail reader slogs away at work, paying more tax than any one else should because of the EU open borders immigration policy.

So here are some facts.

Several years of facts to be true, you will not find them in the Daily Mail as they disprove the Tory loving, foreigner bashing mentality of their readership, but you will find them on the government’s web site here.

That’s facts people, not bullshit.

For those of you that can, happy reading, for those of you who cant, here’s a link to the daily mail “proving” that once again its all Labour’s fault. (Which of course it is, but not for the reasons stated by the Daily Mail.)

PS – for those of you who follow my blog for the photos, here’s a pic of my garden last night.



Well its taken me a little while to finally understand the difference between the Tory MP’s and Labour MPs but I think its been demonstrated by the allegations on the BBC Web site against Tory MP Patrick Mercer.

The Daily Telegraph allege “agreed to offer a Commons security pass to a fake firm that paid him £4,000 to table parliamentary question”

20130514-020723.jpgCompare and contrast that against former Scunthorpe MP Elliot Morley, Labour party member nominated by Militant in 1987.

See how the Tory is using the free market to sell democracy to the highest bidder? Where as the former Labour MP is just taking what he wants cos he think’s he’s entitled to it. Either way both are proud examples of what makes this country great.

And yet politicians scrabble around desperately trying to protect their own positions and culpability while people sneer at the class prejudice and snobbery demonized by programs like Skint.


Inspired by all those people interviewed on Radio 4 on Friday who justified putting a cross on the ballot paper next to a fascist party by starting their interview with the line “I’m not racist but…”

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