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Sign on the fence. I'd call it irony my self.

Sign on the fence. I’d call it irony my self.

In the cold war, British and American armed forces built a spy base on the top of the Devil’s Mountain in Berlin. The mountain its self was made of rubble from the city’s bombing in world war 2. This “man made mountain” became the highest point in West Berlin, allowing radio intercepts to be made for hundreds of miles by the Brits and the Americans. (more…)


Berlin – one year on

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Last year I visited Berlin for the first time, and fell in love with the city.

This year when I returned it was very much the same fantastic place I remember from my first trip.

This time I took a tripod.




The low resolution shots are free for non commercial use provided article is attributed.

Just seen on the About Berlin blog the shocking news that part of the East Side Gallery is going to be demolished to allow contractors to continue to extend the development going on along the banks of the spree.

Here is a petition objecting to it. Please sign it and show solidarity with our street art loving comrades in Berlin.

Here is a photograph I took last year explaining in detail just what I think to the developments along the side of the Spree, and what approach developers should take in safeguarding this culturally significant area on one of the most exciting and friendly cities I have ever had the pleasure of visiting:


Just a gallery of some of my favourite photos which I’ve taken in Berlin 2012, some of which have been published before, some of which have not.


While in Berlin I went on a walking tour looking at street art, galleries and alternative culture in the city.

I’d recommend this tour, its “free” but you are expected to donate what you feel was fair for the tour to the guide at the end:

For more information about the Art House we visited, here’s the Wikki on it

Lots of work and a couple of galleries can be found around the back of the Hackescher Markt in a small court yard. (more…)

Just back from a week in Berlin, and what a city.

Awesome place with loads of fantastic spots for a bit of shooting.

I’m just cursing my stupidity for turning down the loan of a sigma 10-20, well… it just means that I’m going to have to go back again now doesnt it!!

Enjoy the photos, if you want a copy or have any questions about where any were taken just leave me a comment 🙂 (more…)