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A full gallery showing all the images taken of Angel Square as used by various magazines is now on my photography web site.


Just a quick update on my “commercial” work, really pleased to hear this week that my shots of Angel Square have been accepted by another magazine, this time On Office, an interior design magazine. Only one of mine made the feature this time, but it is a rather nice shot of the rather fantastic atrium while it was under construction.



I received an interesting email on Thursday, here it is in full.

Gurnell Street Decorations

 On the 7th of January 2013 Gurnell street will be closed to the public as the bulldozers move in.

It is expected that shortly after, the houses on Gurnell street are set to become heaps of brick, dust, roof tiles and broken fixtures and fittings.

In a modern, throw away society it is considered normal for people to break things down into their different parts and lose sight of the value of the whole.

These houses were not always just houses, they were homes.

For nearly 100 years people have been born in them, died in them, loved in them, laughed in them and cried in them.

On Sunday 6th January members of the community who have lived and grown up with these homes intend to dress them ready to face the bulldozers.

In doing so they hope to hear again the sounds of children laughing and playing echo around the street, we will honour the women and men who through their labour and love turned bricks and mortar into homes.

We will give thanks to those who turned homes into communities and we will remember those who are no longer with us.

We will work together to give these homes a proper send off and hope, in our small part, to be part of rebuilding the kind of community that we would all like for our children.


Here’s some photos I took…


In no particular order, just a few more photos I like, mainly local to North Lincolnshire but with a few others thrown in from Whitby in Yorkshire which is another favourite place.



A full gallery showing all the images taken of Angel Square as used by various magazines is now on my photography web site.

WOW! How excited am I?

I was told that some photos I did for a client of One Angel Square had been put in to “Building” magazine accompanying an article talking about how fantastic the building is. I’d really hoped that one of my photos would be published but there were several submitted from a range of photographers, however baring this in mind I’d embargoed the selected photos my self to wait until the magazine came out.

Well I can reveal not only that the photograph I hoped would be included was, but another photograph of mine was also included in the printed magazine and a third was used on the web site.

What’s more, one of my photographs was used on the front page of the magazine! Now I thought the photo’s I’d taken were pretty damn good, but this I’d really not expected.

Anyway, below are the three photographs which were used, the photograph to the right shows the front page of the magazine.


Left to right, Co-op CIS Tower, Co-Op New Century House and Co-op One Angel Square in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.


Inside the hive. In its design stages the architects working on the building were thinking of a bee hive.

IMG_9510Old and new – the old CIS tower a grade II listed building in its own right reflected in the façade of the new co-operative head quarters at One Angel Square in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

More photos of One Angel Square, the new cooperative head quarters in Manchester’s northern quarter can be found here: Angel Square Gallery



A full gallery showing all the images taken of Angel Square as used by various magazines is now on my photography web site.

Guess I’m going a bit off topic here as I cross the Pennines  but here’s some photography I did for an architect client over in Manchester.

They have just completed 1 Angel Square, which is an amazing building on many levels, both visually and technically (read the wiki here).

The photos were taken in August (yes folks – this is Summer in Manchester) and have been embargoed until now. I am hoping that some of them (not show here) may appear in Building magazine.

Anyway, I hope you like them, I’m really pleased with how they have worked out, but lets be honest, you could not take a bad photo of either this building or the fantastic Manchester sky line.

Please feel free to copy or use these for any none commercial purposes, all I ask is you just drop me a message letting me know you”re using them and pop a link back to this blog in return.

Any commercial use please drop me a comment before you do.


Following photographs were taken for Visit Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire Homes – the region’s social landlord highlighting their properties, the town, and the area. Many of these photographs were taken from the roof of Crosby House, one of three 19 story social housing complexes in the town.

Photos may be reproduced none commercially with permission.

Going down Doncaster Road yesterday evening and the conditions were “just right” for a few nice photos of Scunthorpe’s new entertainment venue The Baths Hall.