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Taking the piss (a little) there is an area of my local town which since the 1980’s the local council have been clueless as to what to do with.

It did have a great pub on it, the pub was knocked down and a night club built.

the night club was knocked down and nothing was built.

The leisure centre was knocked down and a car park was built

the multi story carpark got cracks in it and was knocked down also.

So now we have church square.

So I thought it might be interesting to post a competition on a local blog site covering the area asking people what they want to see there.


Me… I’d like a Space Park (obviously).


Photos I’ve taken in and around Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire over the last year, this is the first of two local galleries.

Here are two more broader galleries I’ve done

Berlin Photography

Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Photography


IMG_2313Here’s some photos I took of a new art exhibition which opened up at the Scunthorpe 20:21 art gallery in town.

The artist is Sheffield born Richard Bartle ex-punk, ex-builder and all round down to earth sound guy, though I met him only very briefly looking at his work and talking to him he’s a sound bloke and some one I could get on with.

The exhibition is a bit different… well its a lot different! It features a load of miniature sheds he’s build with fantastically crafted minutely detailed accessories and decorations. The idea behind the shed thing is that a shed is where you have your obsession, crafting, model making or just sitting drinking tea. To further add to this illustration of obsessive / compulsive behaviour Richard has placed a deity in each one. Yep, a representation of faith with everything from devil worshippers to Taoism.

Go check it out, for a diverse subject / ideal its surprising and really worth it, in the meantime, below is a gallery of some of Richard’s work. (more…)

This evening Jake Quickenden of X-Factor fame performed at Scunthorpe’s Christmas Lights ceremony held at Church Square.

Jake performed four of his original tracks to a packed crowd and can be seen again tomorrow night at two performances at the Baths Hall, under 18’s at 6pm and over 18’s from 8pm.

Here’s some photos from this evening, free for non commercial use.


The big square bash is a celebration of youth culture in north lincolnshire covering all ages, with arts, crafts and drama, through to street sports, a DJ Bus, drumming wokshops and some great local live bands.

Here’s some photos taken from throughout the day, hosted originally on the local community news web site http://www.VisitScunthorpe.Com