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Teufelsberg 2016

Posted: May 21, 2016 in North Lincolnshire

And what a transformation.

On my first visit, several years ago, I was probably “not meant to be there”

Last year I booked on an “organised tour” – it was ok, but rushed.

Now, the community at Teufelsberg allow site access to the main galleries, grounds and roof, unchaperoned, for 7EUR. Stay as long as you like, don’t open any doors – they’re closed for a reason. And – they are doing a fucking amazing job fixing the place up with rain water capture, solar panels and repairs to the buildings which have been looted for scrap metal.

Unlike Urban Spree, Teufelsberg as gone up in my estimation, showing that spaces like this can be managed in a communal manner without the shitty poison of gentrification.

I didn’t bother with Urban Spree this time, and was a bit let down with the street art alley in Hackescher Marks – very few new pieces in there.

But Teufelsberg – safe, incredibly friendly, lots of English speakers (aber mein Deutsch ist Scheiße , aber ich versuche . Schlecht.) is showing us how communal management of a public space can work – very well. We have a lot to learn from this.