The ultimate paste up – photographic collaboration

Posted: March 10, 2014 in cafe INDIEpendent

I’ve been working on a charity project called Cafe INDIEpendent.

Its the brain child of a mate of mine called David, hes a bit of a clever guy, very good at getting things done, and some one who goes through life with a passion for making a difference to people.

2 years ago he came up with this idea, something along the lines of a really cool coffee house, with a buzz to it, a vibe. But it would not be to make money, it would be a charity, and its purpose would be to provide training, work experience and education opportunities for young people in areas such as catering and customer services.

As a side project, my self and another photographer friend Jason have been documenting key stages and events in the project since we got the keys last October.

The aim is to create a documentary wall paper using wheat pastes which will cover one wall of the gallery space. Other artists will then exhibit on the wall which tells the story of the building of Cafe INDIEpendent.

At least that’s the theory.

So today I’ve spent the day at the cafe, fixed and refurbished the photocopier we have been donated, and selected, processed and printed a couple of hundred photographs that Jason and my self have taken over the last 5 months. Here are a few of the photographs I’ve chosen to include in the gallery. Once the paste up is complete I’ll post that.

Cafe INDIEpendent is a lottery funded project.

  1. Chris Adcock says:

    Fantastic pics Paul, looking forward to the album and wall covering.

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