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Sometimes I Feel So Happy…Sometimes I Feel So Sad: Lou Reed (1942 – 2013).


Two fingers held up and pointed firmly at the government and the media with the weather warning. This piece by a local artist suggests the crisis from the weather is some what bigger and more dangerous that a night of rain and high winds.


Weather Warning – North Lincolnshire community group issue urgent weather warning following Storm Jude.

Here’s an article I’ve written for a Sheffield arts magazine “The Back Street Mafia” which I occasionally contributed to. They also carry a lot of reviews about regional bands and entertainers so do please check it out.

The street art of Sheffield..

Please be aware of the following advice to help protect from a new “Ransomware” virus which will encrypt data on infected hard drives and requires the payment of $300 to download a key in order to decrypt it.

No “news” posts to day being as I’m a bit busy dealing with this…

Virus warning – Beware of “customer complaint” emails to your business.

Sign on the fence. I'd call it irony my self.

Sign on the fence. I’d call it irony my self.

In the cold war, British and American armed forces built a spy base on the top of the Devil’s Mountain in Berlin. The mountain its self was made of rubble from the city’s bombing in world war 2. This “man made mountain” became the highest point in West Berlin, allowing radio intercepts to be made for hundreds of miles by the Brits and the Americans. (more…)

Berlin – one year on

Posted: October 10, 2013 in Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Last year I visited Berlin for the first time, and fell in love with the city.

This year when I returned it was very much the same fantastic place I remember from my first trip.

This time I took a tripod.




The low resolution shots are free for non commercial use provided article is attributed.

Street art in Berlin – Urban Spree.


An article I’ve written for Sheffield based Back Street Mafia arts magazine.