No Borders – No War but the Class War

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Class Politics, Class War, No War


Once again we seem to be poised on the precipice as we were with the invasion of Iraq. Led by an ineffectual government hell bent on leaving their smouldering mark on the middle while continuing to kiss the USA’s arse and, ignoring evidence (or the lack of), Cameron has the audacity to preach morality about the use of Chemical Weapons from his position of Etonian privilege. 

All this moralistic posture is conveniently forgotten in the light of the fact that attacks made by the west against Syria will result in the murder of thousands of innocent lives just as they have in Iraq and Afghanistan, and as they do each day with the remote controlled murder in Pakistan and the Yemen through the use of drones.

We will sit blindly by, people will protest, governments will ignore, and a decade from now the truth will emerge just as it did with the lies we were told about the Iraq war. Tony Blair has still the be held accountable for his illegal actions in the Gulf war, yet it would seem that Britain, America and France are hell bent yet again on repeating the mistakes of previous generations.

Even the Sun states that 50% of people in the UK are against a missile strike on Syria, so why do we see politicians jumping up to defend their use of violence and declare that it is in some perverse way either their right or their job to “punish” other countries?

They have no mandate.

Humanity has no borders – there is no war but the class war.

Art work courtesy of Ferric Streets art collective. Please feel to reproduce it in any way for none commercial purposes. To thank them, please like their facebook page.

  1. Thank you for this. All I keep hearing is Syria this and that but never being told what the real issues are to this. It seems to be another battleship game with my weapons are bigger than yours – even if you haven’t got any game.

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