Lincolnshire – 1974

Posted: August 1, 2013 in North Lincolnshire

Last week I went on a road trip with my daughter to buy a drum kit, we drove down through Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Suffolk to Colchester in Essex.

And a very nice drive it was too.

We stayed away from the A1 and the M11 and sacrificed only a short stint on the A14/A12 towards the end of our journey.

Upon reaching Norfolk we entered the 1960’s finding the roads packed with Morris Travellers and Morris 1,000’s all out for a quiet Sunday afternoon drive.

I’d been droning on in middle aged dad mode on the way down the A15 and A17 about growing up in Lincolnshire as a kid and how very little had changed in the rural landscape in the last 30 years. Including the A17 Anglia Motel Caravan and Camp Site (coaches welcome) just outside Spalding.

Now being as the A17 is a rather busy road we decided to stop there on the way back, and was amazed to find the cafe preserved in 1974, granted it was a step up from 1960’s Norfolk, but the eye catching war time memorabilia and the arrayed out side were secondary in comparison to the 2nd hand brica-brack “gift shop” where one could commemorate one’s visit to Lincolnshire with the purchase of 1970’s crockery and assorted car boot junk.

Perplexed by the polystyrene instant coffee I left, much to Jazz’s disgust without buying a jar of home made curry sauce.




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