North Lincs Half Marathon 2013

Posted: April 28, 2013 in North Lincolnshire, North Lincs Half Marathon

IMG_6595-2Well its that time of the year again when a 13.1 mile section of North Lincolnshire goes into lock down for a few hours and the some what fantastic half marathon is run, this time with nearly 1,000 entrants.

I had entered and was going to run it, but for various reasons decided against doing so in the end, though I probably will do this year’s 10K.

So here’s a tribute to all those of you who did enter, you should be proud of what you have achieved, both runners and organisers as it did seem to be a fantastically well organised event again, so credit to all..

I think I got a shot of just about every one, feel free to copy / download for personal use,  just don’t use them commercially / for media or advertising purposes without asking pls.

High quality 10×8 prints available for £7.50 +£1.20 p&p, alternatively use the “view full size” followed by “rightclick” option 😉 photography

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    A cold windy Sunday morning in Scunthorpe, and the North Lincs half Marathon 2013.

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