Stop Killer Drones

Posted: April 23, 2013 in ferric Streets, ground the drones, Lincoln drone protest, North Lincolnshire, stop the war

IMG_6094On the 27th April, at 12pm a national demonstration will be held in Lincoln titled “Ground the Drones”.

Nearby RAF Waddington will be the new base for the command and control of the drones involved in attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Yemen. These attacks have seen many innocents maimed and killed.

Not that I’ve got a thing about abandoned military sites “at all” but it seemed fitting to shoot this modern mode of warfare in a setting manned by my grand parents. So here is a little photo shoot done for a street arts collective called Ferric Streets, who have produced several replica missiles which will be used as props on the day, stay tuned for more.

You can find out a lot more about their work and various other projects including support given to various groups and campaigns around the country from their new facebook page.

So go on – head on over and give them a like, please, I know they’d appreciate it 😉


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