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IMG_6595-2Well its that time of the year again when a 13.1 mile section of North Lincolnshire goes into lock down for a few hours and the some what fantastic half marathon is run, this time with nearly 1,000 entrants.

I had entered and was going to run it, but for various reasons decided against doing so in the end, though I probably will do this year’s 10K.

So here’s a tribute to all those of you who did enter, you should be proud of what you have achieved, both runners and organisers as it did seem to be a fantastically well organised event again, so credit to all..

I think I got a shot of just about every one, feel free to copy / download for personal use,  just don’t use them commercially / for media or advertising purposes without asking pls.

High quality 10×8 prints available for £7.50 +£1.20 p&p, alternatively use the “view full size” followed by “rightclick” option 😉 photography



IMG_6399So, the British Government have decided to enforce Foreign Policy against Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Yemen by allowing drones to be controlled from an air base at Waddington, near to where I live.

Clearly I’m not happy about this. Obviously I don’t think that British lives should put at risk on behalf of the UK & USA foreign policy, but even more worrying is the way in which information regarding the effectiveness of the use of Armed Drones is not being reported to the public at large.

What information I hear you cry? Is this not a good thing? Are we not wiping out nasty terrorists without putting our soldiers at risk?

Well I don’t think that in reality we are. What we are doing is killing hundreds of innocent people while trying to enforce a flawed foreign policy.

How about this for a fact, only 2% of people killed in drone attacks were the intended victims.

Still happy about drones now? Thought not.

Enjoy the pictures, non commercial use only please.

Oh… and the little missile thingies dotted around the place? That was a community arts group called FerricStreets, give them a like on facebook


IMG_8992Some more work from ferric streets.


Spotted in the local park, protesting against the badger cull.


They are giving away three canvases of these in a competition on their facebook page.


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IMG_6094On the 27th April, at 12pm a national demonstration will be held in Lincoln titled “Ground the Drones”.

Nearby RAF Waddington will be the new base for the command and control of the drones involved in attacks in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Yemen. These attacks have seen many innocents maimed and killed.

Not that I’ve got a thing about abandoned military sites “at all” but it seemed fitting to shoot this modern mode of warfare in a setting manned by my grand parents. So here is a little photo shoot done for a street arts collective called Ferric Streets, who have produced several replica missiles which will be used as props on the day, stay tuned for more.

You can find out a lot more about their work and various other projects including support given to various groups and campaigns around the country from their new facebook page.

So go on – head on over and give them a like, please, I know they’d appreciate it 😉


Work in progress from ferricstreets. Art installation highlighting the death of innocent civilians from drone strikes.






Rust in peace. Kudos once again to the magnificent FerricStreets


Just a couple of little contributions to the ferric streets collective.



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