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Lincolnshire is considered by many to be flat and featureless  Indeed the part where I live overlooks the Trent valley, an area approximately 20 kilometres across stretching from the Humber down through the county. To me this is what I love about lincolnshire, the big wide skys which give such character to the landscapes and fantastic sun-sets. I really must make an effort to go and photograph some of them a bit more.

To the east of this the rises the Lincolnshire Wolds, and its here where they rise in Barton upon Humber that in around 790 the Vikings landed. They decided to then track across the Wolds heading south, down to Oakham in Rutland.

This is a journey of 147 miles, and over the bank holiday weekend has been run by 38 long distance endurance runners in what is called the Viking Ultra. This unique event sees runners starting at 07:00 in Barton upon Humber, and following the route down through the county non stop, reaching the end some 40 hours later.

Here are the photos of them passing the nearest point to where I live at Barnetby-Le-Wold in North Lincolnshire. The first runner arrived at 08:55.

As always, these pics can be shared for personal, non-commercial purposes. If you’d like to buy any then prices etc are on my commercial web site


Another fantastic design from ferric streets


Just received an email (in German) saying (I think) that supported by a massive police presence, buldozers moved in and destroyed a large section of the East Side Gallery at 05:30 this morning.

Those of you in the UK can still support the petition here



No fly Zone

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No fly Zone

Keep killer drones out of Lincolnshire.

Please like arts collective FerricStreets on facebook

IMG_5000A few photos of some canvases taken recently for a street art collective who are giving away their work!

Yep, you heard me right, when ever a new piece is created it will be sprayed on to canvas and given away randomly to members of their facebook group. So.. get over to their street art facebook group, and like their facebook page – oh and please, tell your friends. (more…)

Gritty industrial design from a gritty northern town – ferric street art is made in Scunthorpe from Iron.

choose one of mine & kev’s unique designs, inspired by class struggle.

This is ferricstreet ware – coming soon to a protest near you.

Also available for demos, rallies, street parties or bedroom tax protests around the country (will travel) 😉

Video day

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I spent Saturday with some great friends of mine, Know Media, a video production company who turn out some amazing work.

Yesterday Julie and my self were with them in a warehouse on an industrial estate on the second day of a 3 day shoot for a music video for Protocol 5.

I went along primarily to photograph Know Media at work, here are a few shots, there will be more soon, along with an article on the band when the video is released.