Street Art, Stickers and Snow* in Scunny

Posted: January 26, 2013 in David Cameron, fly posting, moonrat, nafe, scunthorpe, stencils, street art

IMG_3171Had a walk around the town today with the camera and found that there have been lots of new stickers posted in various locations.

I also found a few modifications to Cameron Benefit Thief paint and post in our new open air gallery, the original of which you can see here on Cameron Allee**.

A favourite sticker spot also seems to be down the side of Jack Fulton frozen foods on Ravendale street and again, at the rear of El-Toro Cafe.
Also of note, is that a small sticker has been placed on the emergency exit of Cash Converters where the moonrat “Kill the poor” anti-capitalist stencil was displayed for just a few hours. Rather gutted I personally did not get a picture of this, but there is one in the Scunny Graff facebook group.

* Please note, the snow reference is coincidentally due to the snow, these are not more intentionally shite snow pictures.

** Before any one points it out, yes, I know Allee is not German for Alley and its not a direct translation but, its a bit of fun ok? You know, its a play on words, a bit like the jelly doughnut incident was with Kenedy.


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