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disused car sales room

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Cars, graffiti, scunthorpe, street art

I was told a couple of days ago that there was a lot of new street art appearing inside an location near by.

Here’s the pics. (more…)


IMG_3171Had a walk around the town today with the camera and found that there have been lots of new stickers posted in various locations.

I also found a few modifications to Cameron Benefit Thief paint and post in our new open air gallery, the original of which you can see here on Cameron Allee**.

A favourite sticker spot also seems to be down the side of Jack Fulton frozen foods on Ravendale street and again, at the rear of El-Toro Cafe.
Also of note, is that a small sticker has been placed on the emergency exit of Cash Converters where the moonrat “Kill the poor” anti-capitalist stencil was displayed for just a few hours. Rather gutted I personally did not get a picture of this, but there is one in the Scunny Graff facebook group. (more…)

IMG_3126 IMG_3135 IMG_3144 IMG_3153 IMG_3158

I don’t do portrait shots

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

A friend of mine is standing as Branch Secretary for Unison in North Lincolnshire.

More details about the KP4Unison campaign on facebook

Here’s a couple of shots I did for his election stuff.

Did a location based portrait shoot for a web site today, and grabbed a couple of interesting scenery shots while doing the them.

Here’s the snow scenes!

Snow dog time

Posted: January 15, 2013 in bad weather, dog, dogs, scunthorpe, shit photography, snow

Shock! Horror! Its’ January and its snowed! Why does this consistently surprise people?


The coming of snow also means its that time of year again when every budding photographer gets their camera out and floods every facebook page and twitter feed I read with the obligatory “Snow Pic”.

I’m just as bad at this anti social photo bombing as any one else.

Considering this, I was going to save my friends, family, followers and time line from another onslaught of self obsessed photographic crap and leave my camera at home. So I fought the urge, and went down the Central Park with the dog, but sans-camera.

However when  I got to the park I regretted not having the camera with me, especially as the dog was being even cuter than normal.

So here’s some photos from my camera phone. I’ve fixed the white balance and cropped them a bit in Light room. To be honest why bother with an expensive SLR!

I received an interesting email on Thursday, here it is in full.

Gurnell Street Decorations

 On the 7th of January 2013 Gurnell street will be closed to the public as the bulldozers move in.

It is expected that shortly after, the houses on Gurnell street are set to become heaps of brick, dust, roof tiles and broken fixtures and fittings.

In a modern, throw away society it is considered normal for people to break things down into their different parts and lose sight of the value of the whole.

These houses were not always just houses, they were homes.

For nearly 100 years people have been born in them, died in them, loved in them, laughed in them and cried in them.

On Sunday 6th January members of the community who have lived and grown up with these homes intend to dress them ready to face the bulldozers.

In doing so they hope to hear again the sounds of children laughing and playing echo around the street, we will honour the women and men who through their labour and love turned bricks and mortar into homes.

We will give thanks to those who turned homes into communities and we will remember those who are no longer with us.

We will work together to give these homes a proper send off and hope, in our small part, to be part of rebuilding the kind of community that we would all like for our children.


Here’s some photos I took…