Cycle Song Visits Scunthorpe

Posted: December 22, 2012 in arts, Brumby Bash, community opera, cultural olympiad, cycle song, North Lincolnshire, opera, scunthorpe

I do a lot of photography work for a local blog site called Visit Scunthorpe. This year Julie and I were fortunate enough to be invited on to the set of the Scunthorpe Community Opera for a tour while the stage was closed. We were met by the set designer from the Royal Opera House, and given a brief tour of the stage and orchestra areas. Not only was the production staged and managed by professional singers, musicians, actors and directors, it also included 1,500 local residents of all ages in its cast.

A fantastic achievement for Scunthorpe, and all those involved.

A great documentary was made by local film production company North Lincs TV and can be found here along with lots of other great work about the show. anyway, here are the “Visit Scunthorpe” pics – including a few which might not have been published before 😉


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