Deities at the bottom of the garden

Posted: December 16, 2012 in 20:21 Visual arts, arts, deities at bottom of garden, Richard Bartle, Scunthorpe are gallery, sheds

IMG_2313Here’s some photos I took of a new art exhibition which opened up at the Scunthorpe 20:21 art gallery in town.

The artist is Sheffield born Richard Bartle ex-punk, ex-builder and all round down to earth sound guy, though I met him only very briefly looking at his work and talking to him he’s a sound bloke and some one I could get on with.

The exhibition is a bit different… well its a lot different! It features a load of miniature sheds he’s build with fantastically crafted minutely detailed accessories and decorations. The idea behind the shed thing is that a shed is where you have your obsession, crafting, model making or just sitting drinking tea. To further add to this illustration of obsessive / compulsive behaviour Richard has placed a deity in each one. Yep, a representation of faith with everything from devil worshippers to Taoism.

Go check it out, for a diverse subject / ideal its surprising and really worth it, in the meantime, below is a gallery of some of Richard’s work.


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