Kirton in Lindsey Christmas Illuminations

Posted: December 8, 2012 in arts, Kirton in Lindsey, night time photography, North Lincolnshire, urban photography
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IMG_2145This is a subject close to my heart, I grew up in Kirton, and remember every year as a child going to “help” the workmen putting up the lights while my mum did her Saturday job at a shop in the town square.

Back then they were “proper lights” – you know what I mean, the sort with real bulbs in that you could shoot out with an air-riffle, none of this tacky eco-friendly low voltage bullshit we have to put up with today. My favourite was always the Christmas bells which hung above the butcher’s shop and “flashed” (well the bells would alternate) but this was  the centre piece.

I also remember the Christmas tree being a lot bigger too… 😉

Anyway, enough sentimental nonsense, here’s all I took tonight, drop me a comment if you want copies.

  1. Like the new look, you are right lights not like they used to be, OH must be geting old looking at the past

  2. thoades says:

    The old theme stopped some older versions of IE from displaying the photos properly, seems to work better on this one.

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