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David Cameron dressed as a thief  has been painted on the rear wall of Abacus Bar on Scunthorpe high street.

The work is best accessed from down the side of Pearl City Chinese restaurant on Laneham Street.

It’s been created using pre-painted and cut paper and has then been pasted into position by the artist.

I was sent this photo last night, and will visit the site my self over the next few days to get some of my own shots which I will upload on to this page.



Last night driving home I saw two rainbow like coloured rings around the moon.

This affect was apparently caused by ice crystals forming in the high atmosphere.

copy_303Brumby is one of the five villages of Scunthorpe, centrally located it hosts the works sports grounds and social club, central park, municipal offices, leisure centre, Brumby hall and a very large housing area.

The Brumby Bash was an arts and sport festival forming part of the cultural Olympiad and organised by some great friends of mine who own and operate “The Fold Collective” – which is an arts group specifically targeted at bringing arts related activities to youths in an around North Lincolnshire.

Here’s a small selection of photos from the two day event. I’m already looking forward to 2013.


Grabbed the chance to get a few shots of some new and modified street art around the town which has gone up in the last couple of days, before people return to work and the inevitable clean up starts.

Spotted a couple of new stencils by Nafe who’s work was first spotted in the summer on the side of Sports Direct.



Left, original stencil by Nafe, painted this summer which was subsequently removed.

The space is now occupied by the work on the right attributed to Moon Rat

Nafe’s latest stencils can be be seen on the side of the penny bank and also in the alley way behind Berkley Street with the junction of Teal Street, both of which are included in today’s gallery, and are similar to the snake stensils painted in the alley way behind Top Shop.

Some new stencil work also appeared in the last day or two next to the Moon rat’s Banksy at the back of Dunstall Street, guarding the No Parking sign. (more…)

I do a lot of photography work for a local blog site called Visit Scunthorpe. This year Julie and I were fortunate enough to be invited on to the set of the Scunthorpe Community Opera for a tour while the stage was closed. We were met by the set designer from the Royal Opera House, and given a brief tour of the stage and orchestra areas. Not only was the production staged and managed by professional singers, musicians, actors and directors, it also included 1,500 local residents of all ages in its cast.

A fantastic achievement for Scunthorpe, and all those involved.

A great documentary was made by local film production company North Lincs TV and can be found here along with lots of other great work about the show. anyway, here are the “Visit Scunthorpe” pics – including a few which might not have been published before 😉 (more…)

Photos I’ve taken in and around Scunthorpe and North Lincolnshire over the last year, this is the first of two local galleries.

Here are two more broader galleries I’ve done

Berlin Photography

Yorkshire & Lincolnshire Photography


In no particular order, just a few more photos I like, mainly local to North Lincolnshire but with a few others thrown in from Whitby in Yorkshire which is another favourite place.