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I spent the majority of “Torch day” with a local video production team called KNOW Media, camped out on the roof of “BBQ Central” (AKA Nic’s hotel “Breeze Inn” which happened to be at a good vantage point on the route), taking photos and watching how the pro’s do it. (more…)


A few pics I took showing the Olympic Torch passing through Scunthorpe.

Photos are taken on Oswald Rd showing the build up to the parrade, and then from the roof of my m8’s hotel.

Anyway, regardless of what your thoughts are on the Olympic’s it was a great community event and motivated 27,000 people to come out and line the streets in Scunthorpe alone. A further 10,000 people lined the route in Scawby Brook, Brigg and Wrawby as the torch passed through North Lincolnshire.


No “Lincolnshire” related blog would really be complete without some mention of Lincoln Cathedral.

This is my most recent visit in May 2012 which I made with my parents. As part of the Cathedral’s fund-raising the public were allowed up the scaffhold on the North West tower while renovation work is underway.

Other photographs are taken from inside the building, and also from the “Roof Tour” which lasts about 90 mins and takes you up into the roof space above the main North Facade.  As well as the roof tour, there is also a tower tour and a floor tour, but its probably best to check the availability of these tours as they tend to run “in season” – here’s a link to the tours on their web site


While in Berlin I went on a walking tour looking at street art, galleries and alternative culture in the city.

I’d recommend this tour, its “free” but you are expected to donate what you feel was fair for the tour to the guide at the end:

For more information about the Art House we visited, here’s the Wikki on it

Lots of work and a couple of galleries can be found around the back of the Hackescher Markt in a small court yard. (more…)

Just back from a week in Berlin, and what a city.

Awesome place with loads of fantastic spots for a bit of shooting.

I’m just cursing my stupidity for turning down the loan of a sigma 10-20, well… it just means that I’m going to have to go back again now doesnt it!!

Enjoy the photos, if you want a copy or have any questions about where any were taken just leave me a comment 🙂 (more…)

Located between Scunthorpe and Kirton in Lindsey, Twigmoor woods is packed full of Rhododendrons which in early June look their best.

Julie, Saffie and my self took the Nifty Fifty out for a few photographs one busy Saturday afternoon