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Why I’m running for The Forge

On the 6th May 2012Scunthorpe will see its second half marathon, this time being run to celebrate the Olympic year. The course (thankfully) is nice and level, avoidingNorth Lincolnshire’s many hills and should – so I’m told, be ideal for novices like me.

I decided a few weeks ago that I’d like to lose some weight and improve my fitness, and had been toying with the idea of taking up running. I then saw some one make a post on the Scunthorpe News Facebook group about theNorth Lincolnshirehalf marathon and so decided, I’m going to run the race…

Two oxymoron’s in the last sentence, “run” (I’m aiming for a gentle jog) and “race” – I will be racing no one other than my self. It’s my intention to finish, as to when or where I finish is of no relevance to me.

I also decided, that being as I’m going to the effort of running, why not see if I can get some sponsorship for worthwhile local causes. After talking to various people involved in charity work locally, and explaining to them my cares and concerns for the area, I decided to collect money solely for The Forge onCottage Beck RoadinScunthorpe.

I personally have a particular concern in today’s economic climate for people who are suffering real financial deprivation. I’m not talking about the squeezed middle, we’re all squeezed and taking pay cuts and paying more for our pensions, but that’s not where I am at. I’m talking about families and individuals, children and adults who face real hardship and are classed as vulnerable, be it financially or socially. This is where The Forge come in.

The Forge offer a range of facilities and services specifically for people who are in need and are located in an area of the town which is recognised as being deprived. With the continued rise in child poverty not just inScunthorpebut across the country it is sadly the voluntary sector who are trying very hard to plug the gap. This to me is why programs such as these run by The Forge are so vitally important.

The Forge run a range of services which include:

Adult Day Centre : Offering support for homeless, roofless and vulnerable adults over the age of 16. The centre runs a program called EnGage to help people find housing and jobs, and also provides breakfast, hot drinks and for a minimal fee of 50p a cooked lunch.

Lunch Club : Operating on the third Thursday of every month and aimed at senior citizens the centre has a friendly atmosphere offering befriending and support for older residents who can have a three course lunch for a small charge.

Child Contact Centre : providing supervised child contact, supported child contact and a separated parents information program which provides support to separated parents.

So how can you help The Forge?

There are a range of ways in which you can help, the Forge relies heavily on volunteers to run  the centre, if you have some spare time and would like to help, there are a range of opportunities ranging from cooking lunch through to supporting service users on the centre’s various programs.

Make a cash donation to The Forge

Something which impressed me greatly is how well the staff at the centre seem to be able to make money stretch. They have received in the past donations from several local businesses, so if you’re a business in Scunthorpe looking for some where to sponsor for your corporate fund raising I’d strongly suggest supporting The Forge where a real difference can be made to the town’s most vulnerable people.

Toy Donation

As your kid’s grow up, a lot of families are left with good quality toys cluttering up the cupboards, attic and the like. The Forge would welcome donations of any good, safe working toys for their children’s centre.

Sponsor Me

Even it its only a few pence, it all adds up. If you can’t sponsor me on line, don’t worry, drop me an email or contact me on Facebook and I’ll collect!

No matter how small or large your donation is, I passionately believe that the work done by charities such as The Forge deserves every penny we can afford to give and will make that money work hard to help those people in Scunthorpe who find them selves in real desperate need.